Find below a recent project undertaken near Bovey Tracey situated on the edge of Dartmoor, the structure was built by the client we then waterproofed using Tyvek vapour permeable membrane and battened using 25mm x 50mm gold batten. The roof was slated in Spanish natural slate to match the existing house with lead fixed and bossed to timber rolls to the hips and ridge.

The internal flat roof was decked with 18mm ply then 150mm insulation cut and layed and another layer of 18mm ply fixed through the insulation into the base decking. Parapet outlets were installed through the parapets which required us to weld bespoke lead outlets to waterproof over the slated roof. The flat roof was finished by adhering EPDM to the deck and upstands in one piece.  

Find below a project carried out in Wimple near Exeter. The roof was firstly felted using Tyvek breather membrane then battened using blue treated batten. The slate covering was Brazilian slate in a Grey/Green colour. A low pitch area to the rear required us to use permavent easy slate strips to provide adequate lap. The dormer flat roof was finished in a neat EPDM membrane.

Find below a roofing project carried out on a barn in Farringdon near Exeter, we striped the roof and made repairs to rafters and wall plates. We felted using Tyvek Vapour permeable breather felt and fixed treated battens. We relayed the salvaged  pan and double roman clay tiles and sourced additional tiles to make up for breakages. The salvaged clay ridges were re-fixed using a dry-fix ridge system and new treated fascia boards and barge boards to the gable end.

Find below a roofing project undertaken near Chagford in Devon, the garage was constructed by a builder Phil Bastin of Dunsford in Douglas fir and oak. We battened the roof and slated using 250mm x 500mm natural slates. Roofing felt was omitted from the roof to create a rustic look internally. The roof was then finished with timber rolls to the hips and ridge line with lead dressed and formed to create a stunning finish.

Find below a roofing project undertaken in Knowle near Budleigh Salterton, the extensions and dormers were tiled in concrete plain tiles. Dry-fix valley troughs were used in the valleys, Verges were bedded in mortar and ridges screwed on using a dry-fix ventilating ridge system.

Find below a project carried out in the St Thomas area of Exeter. A new roof, firewalls rendered and chimney lowered and capped off. We also installed new Upvc windows to the upstairs bedroom and repainted the decorative areas to the front of the house.

Find below a recent roofing project we undertook at The Oak Barn, a stunning wedding venue in the heart of rural Devon on a stunning timber frame building. The roof was covered with Tyvek vapour permeable breather felt and battened to take diminishing courses of natural slate. The natural slates used where delabole Cornish slates and where of random width and diminished in length as the courses ran up the roof from 24 inches at the eaves to 10 inches at the ridge line. Lead was used at ridge level dressed over a timber mop stick. The windows used here where of Cast Iron construction to meet conservation requirements.

Find below a roofing project we carried out in Exeter, we removed the existing concrete tiles, re-felted and battened. We renewed the fascia boards, soffits and gutter in white Upvc. The gable ends were re-clad using Cedral cladding. The roof was re-tiled using concrete tiles with cloak verge tiles and dry-fix ridges to provide a maintenance free finish. The solar panels were expertly installed by sun gift solar, which we then tiled around to provide a neat and weather tight finish.

Find below a project we carried out in Exeter, we removed the existing roof window which had gone milky and was no longer see through. We built a new timber frame to house the new Velux roof window and waterproofed using rubber cover flat roofing membrane.

Find below a re-roofing project we carried out in Sidmouth. We removed the existing slate covering and insulated the sloping ceiling sections and flat loft area. The roof was then felted, battened and slated using man-made slates. The ridges are dry-fixed concrete ridges. We then carried out repairs to the external render and repainted the house and chimney

Find below a re-roofing project in Ide, near Exeter. We removed the existing tiles, Insulated, felted and battened. We re-covered the roof with marley modern concrete tiles, cloak verge tiles and dry-fix ridges to provide a low maintenance finish. The flat roof to the rear was stripped, insulated and re-covered with rubber cover membrane.

Find Below a roofing project we undertook on a barn in Dunsford, near Exeter. We removed the existing delabol slates and set aside to be re-used, Rafters and purlins were replaced/Repaired then the roof was felted and battened. The roof was re-slated using the salvaged slates from the roof and quantities made up by buying in second hand reclaimed slates. We installed glass roof lights to match the original roof lights.

Find below a re-roofing project we undertook in Ide, near Exeter. This project compromised of striping off the existing defective roof covering, installing new insulation, felt and battens and re-slating with a Spanish natural slate. We removed the old decaying windows and fitted new timber windows expertly made by Exeter Bench Joiners to match existing. The flat roofs were stripped, insulated and re-covered with rubber cover flat roofing membrane.

Find below a large re-roofing project we undertook in Ide on the outskirts of Exeter, The roof was stripped then felt and battened and covered with new clay plain tiles. We salvaged the existing ridge tiles and these were rebeded to maintain some of the original character. We stripped back and re-painted all timberwork in Trafalgar blue. The existing gutter was aged and defective and we replaced this with Lindab steel guttering in an anthracite metallic finish.  

Find below a valley area on a tiled roof, we removed the existing and defective valley tiles, installed new valley boards and dressed lead in 1.5m sections to the valley. We then bed back the valley cuts to leave a neat and weather tight finish.

Find below an extension we have recently completed, Internal timber frame with red brick to exterior, and a slated roof using manmade slates. Internally we have  ceramic tiles too the floor area, skimmed ceilings and walls and installed units and work tops to create a light and airy utility space with French doors leading onto a newly laid natural stone patio area.

Find below repairs carried out to a chimney comprimising of new lead front apron, Lead soakers and Lead step flashings. The chimney was then cleaned, repointed and capped with a render coat with the addition of air bricks to provide ventilation to the chimney. We then coated the chimney with liquid waterproofer to provide greater water repellency.

Find below a new flat roof on a garden store using EPDM rubber membrane which is cold applied with adhesive to the newly layed deck boards with the addition of new trims and Upvc fascias.

Find below a roof on a new build project using Hardrow concrete slates, Instalation of several Velux roof windows, Fibre glass valley troughs, Solar panel flashings.


Find below a before and after picture of a recent EPDM rubber membrane flat roof


Find Below a new flat roof using the latest in EPDM rubber membrane that is cold applied using adhesive to fix to the flat roof deck, with the addition of new Upvc Fascia boards, Soffit and Guttering.


Find below a recent semi detached house re-roof incorporating Manmade cement fibre slates, air vents and Vented dry fix hip and ridge system, ridges are fastened with screws instead of the traditional mortar which can save on future maintenence do to failing mortar work.


Find below pictures of a recent garage renovation we undertook, rebuilding in studwork work, a new roof structure wrapped in breather felt insulated and faced with treated ship lap timber, with the addition of a new plasticoat corrugated tin sheet roof.